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*Dodging Tempation by Avery Flynn

Dodging TemptationTour Banner Dodging Tempation by Avery Flynn Publication Date: September 14, 2015 Genres: Contemporary, Interracial, Romance

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Synopsis: You can't hide from love...or revenge.
Dodge Loving wants revenge...and he's about to get it. On the cusp of closing a multi-billion-dollar luxury resort deal, Dodge can't afford for anything go wrong. But then a fiery redhead shows up, the paparazzi hot on her trail, and throws his world into chaos. He has to get rid of her. Immediately. Harper Conner just wants to be left alone, but after slapping her cheating senator ex-husband during a televised press conference, she's a hot commodity. The ultra exclusive resort in Wyoming seems like the ideal place to hide-and work-so there's no way she's letting the Type-A jerk who runs the place fire her. Despite the animosity sparking between them, Dodge and Harper can't keep their hands to themselves. This thing between them can't happen. It won't. But his mother has other ideas...and she's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Harper and Dodge fall in love.
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Dodge stopped beside Harper, looked at the room number placard next to her closed door, and shook his head. “You’re in the honeymoon suite?”

“That would explain the size of the bed.” And the special lotion and oil sampler basket she’d found on the bedside table.

“My mom is always so subtle. Whatever she says, ignore her.”

“What about the universe wanting us to get married?” she asked, the need to prolong their talk and needle him a little overwhelming her better judgment.

He looked up at the ceiling and sucked in a deep breath. “Oh God, she told you.”

“Like you said…” Harper giggled at May’s antics. “She’s very subtle. Don’t worry. I told her I wasn’t interested.”

“Not even a little bit?” He turned and edged closer, putting his hands on the doorframe on either side of her shoulders. He didn’t touch her, didn’t block her in.

Her skin tingled, making her feel every inch of flesh he wasn’t touching. If she wanted to, all she had to do was slide her key card across the lock, and she could escape into the safety of her room. She could get away from the constant tug of attraction pulling her closer to him, the unsettled need that made her clench her thighs, and the way he managed to piss her off and turn her on in alternate breaths. The thing was, she didn’t want to, and, judging by his knowing smirk, he knew it. But that was’t what made her core pulse. It was the look in his eyes again. Hungry. Determined. Possessive. The air practically sparked around them as desire flooded her body—and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

He leaned in, his lips close to her earlobe, but maddeningly far away. “Not even after last night?”

“What’s one kiss between enemies?” She couldn’t seem to help herself from taunting him, seeing how far she could push him before his control cracked.

His hands slid lower on the door, moving from her shoulder level until they were even with the small of her waist. Still he didn’t touch her. “Is that what we are?”

The key card slipped from her grasp, falling to the carpet in silent surrender. “It felt like that last night.”

“And now?” he asked. He tilted the angle of his head so his lips were just shy of making contact with hers.

Dampness soaked through the center of her yoga pants, and her heart hammered in her chest. “No comment.”

“Well…” He pushed his body up against her, flattening her between the solid door and his own thick hardness. “Actions do speak louder than words.”

His mouth came down on hers, obliterating any possibility of doing something other than kiss him back just as demanding, just as aggressive, and just as determined to control the situation. If he was looking for someone who sat back and meekly accepted, then he was kissing the wrong girl. Those days were gone for Harper. No one was going to manipulate her into doing their bidding ever again. She was her own woman with her own plans, and right now they all centered around Dodge’s hefty bulge pressing against her.

“So fucking hot I almost forgot why you’re here. If only…” Dodge’s lips brushed across her jaw as his fingers skimmed down the length of her arms until his hands circled her wrists. “But both of us can’t be in charge.” He whipped her arms upward in one fluid motion, wrapping a single hand around her wrists and pinning them above her head.

She watched him through half-closed lids and pressed her shoulder blades against her room door, rubbing her hot center against his thigh. “That doesn’t seem fair.”

His eyes darkened with lust, and he repositioned his leg, giving her a better angle to press against him. “You know that life never is.”

Bracing herself against the door behind her, she raised up on her tiptoes and undulated against his hard thigh. The stretch Spandex of her yoga pants moved with her as she twisted against him, tempting him and torturing herself with a kind of touch that was good but not quite good enough.

“Fuck me, you’re not wearing panties, are you?” The words came out in a pained groan.

Score one for her. “Never with yoga pants.”

His gaze dropped to where her hard nipples strained against her cotton tank top. “A bra?”

She shook her head. His nostrils flared with desire, and his lips turned up in a predatory smirk that promised every bad thing she could ever want—and she wanted it all.

About Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn
Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. Avery was a reader before she was a writer and hopes to always be both. She loves to write about smartass alpha heroes who are as good with a quip as they are with their *ahem* other God-given talents. Her heroines are feisty, fierce and fantastic. Brainy and brave, these ladies know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs.