Monday, September 7, 2015

*Desert Sheikh vs American Princess by Teresa Morgan

Desert Sheikh vs American Princess
by Teresa Morgan
Genre: Multicultural Romance, Sheikh Romance 

When he kidnapped a princess, he didn’t count on her…

Walid Al Kalam’s plan is simple. The American Celebutante Noelle Oldrich will remain in his palace until her father pays his debts. Without the money her hotel magnate father owes him, Walid cannot fulfill his commitment to the pipeline that represents the future of the small middle eastern country of Askar.

But Noelle isn’t the passive, agreeable guest that she should rationally be. Instead, the willful American princess disrupts the peace of his home, and his peace of mind. Whether she is running through his courtyard in skin-tight gear or braiding together a rope to lower herself out a window, the intelligent beauty threatens his very sanity.

Enter the pirate princess…

No way will any sheikh keep Noelle Oldrich captive, even if she does want to rip the stuffy suits off the hot Arabic David Beckham clone.

She might be good for nothing but spending money and wearing clothes, but Noelle will escape the sexy sheikh’s palace, no matter what. She has to—no way will her father pay his debt. The only help she’s going to get is from her childhood imaginary friend, a pirate princess who is ready to make the stupid, sexy sheikh walk the plank.

A fabulous jewel…

Noelle's one chance to pay her own ransom and escape the sheikh’s control is to find the legendary jewel, the Palm of Askar, lost for decades.

If she finds the diamond, Walid will have to let her go, but his drugging kisses threaten to turn her into a willing captive…


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Teresa Morgan is the author of Cinderella and the SheikhHandcuffed to the Sheikh, and Sheikh with Benefits, all available at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and wherever else hot contemporary romance eBooks are sold.
By day, she’s a mild-mannered technical writer, but by night (and lunch hours, and weekends) she’s a digital Sheherezade, weaving tales of sexy Sheikhs and the strong-willed heroines who love them.
Teresa is fascinated by the Middle East and has been to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Morocco. Sometimes her adventures end up in her books.

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Twitter: @TMorganAuthor