Saturday, November 14, 2015

Throwback By: Zeia Jameson

By: Zeia Jameson
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance 

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Jeremy's goals were to work hard, be successful and make his mother proud.
Livy's goals were to separate herself from her past and keep people at a distance.
When Jeremy meets Livy, his priorities shift slightly - getting Livy to trust him becomes number one on his list.
Jeremy and Livy take a chance on each other and give a relationship a try. But when they come to a crossroads and want different things out of life, they struggle to figure out what to do next.
A mysterious gift from an anonymous source is the fate of their future. It'll help them remember why they started a relationship in the first place.
But will remembering the past be enough for Jeremy and Livy to overcome the turmoil of what their lives have become?

Note: This is a New Adult Romance and contains mature language and situations. This book is not recommending for readers under the age of 18.

I'm a small town girl from GA. I enjoy getting into the zone and typing until my hands go numb. I like curling up under a blanket with coffee and reading when life allows me the time - especially when it's rainy outside. I love my family with all of my heart. I am fond of humor and laughter because I think it keeps us sane and grounded. I pride myself in being open minded: say what you want to say, be who you want to be. Just don't be mean, rude or a bully - because then you'll see my Hulk side.

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Twitter: @ZeiaJameson

Fun Facts

1. I live in GA
2. I enjoy reading whenever I get the chance. I read all types of genres
3. Throwback is my first published novel.
4. My favorite food is sushi.
5. My favorite places to visit are Savannah, GA; Boston, MA and San Antonio, TX
6. I am a sports fanatic, most particularly college football
7. I love to travel
8. I have never been overseas but would like to travel to Europe, Japan and Australia one day
9. I am addicted to Netflix
10. In Throwback, the main female character, Livy, thinks she's a realist and has a grip on her life; however, in actuality, she is completely mistaken about what the world is really like.
11. In Throwback, the main male character, Jeremy, was raised by 3 women who taught him to be a gentleman and a hopeless romantic.
12. Livy speaks her mind. She is tough and also stubborn.
13. Jeremy is a sweetheart but also likes getting what he wants
14. I spent 5 years of my twenties being a bartender and loved every second of it.
15.My current favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch
16. My current favorite actress is Kerry Washington
17. I like most all genres of music
18. I don't care much for sweets. I prefer salty.
19. I have strange obsessions with Japanese horror movies, British accents and spicy food
20. St Patrick's day is my favorite holiday. I love green, shamrocks and Guinness
21. I have 1 tattoo but want more.
22. I want to be an American Ninja Warrior - but I like being lazy and eating junk food too much.
23. In Throwback, I purposefully didn't name a specific city for the setting. I wanted readers to associate the city with whatever was familiar to them
24. Sloths freak me out - they move too slow; spiders freak me out - they move too fast
25. When I was little, I wanted to be Wonder Woman; I think I nailed it.
26. I am a huge Star Wars fan
27. I enjoy watching the Food Network Channel but only because I like food. I suck at cooking.
28. My guilty pleasure is the reality show Big Brother