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*Seventh Wonder by Renae Kelleigh

Seventh Wonder

  Title:  Seventh Wonder 
  Author:  Renae Kelleigh 
  Genre:  Contemporary Romance 18+ 
  Publication Date:  December 16, 2014  


~  Synopsis ~

June 1969 - Meg Lowry, with a cadre of her friends from UC Berkley, is speeding toward Grand Canyon National Park and their very last summer break. At least she THINKS they're friends - in the first days of their final farewell to the innocence of young adulthood, she wonders whether she has ever felt more alone. Little does she know how close she stands to the brink of an all-new chapter of her life that will prominently feature one all-new character.
John Stovall is an artist of minor note and modest aspiration. His presence at the Canyon is for an entirely different reason and under drastically different circumstances. He doesn't have much interest in either establishing new or retaining old characters in his story - yet he is about to discover that, at times, one has little to say about such things.
Can two people on such dramatically different paths find their way to each other? Even when a frightening new event threatens to tear the delicate fabric of their relationship, will they accept that love - true love - can sometimes conquer all?

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Minutes passed before she at last marshaled the courage to stand. Feeling half numb, she went to lean against the balustrade. For long moments, she didn’t dare drag her eyes away from the sinking sun as it hauled a frayed mantle of shadows over the canyon’s tortuous and deeply gouged ravines. For a brief instant, her fear that he would find his way over to her was matched only by her fear that he wouldn’t.

Then he was there, beside her. She closed her eyes and simply breathed, her shoulders pushed back, small hands gripping the rail.

“How are you this evening, Miss Lowry?”

She turned her face to have a better look at him. “It’s Meg.”

That smile. “Meg.” He gave an approving nod. “Am I standing too close?”

“No?” She frowned in confusion, and he softly chuckled.

“I only meant that I hope your boyfriend won’t worry about your talking to a strange man.”

“Oh. No.” She ironed the wrinkle from her forehead. “We broke up.” Without conscious forethought, she claimed joint ownership of the decision to split. She couldn’t pretend to be the spurned lover while she felt equally as freed as Rick must.

A beat of silence passed before he responded. “I’m sorry.”

She expelled a breath and squared her shoulders, affecting an air of quiet dignity. “Don’t be. I’m not.”

“You’re not sorry?”

“No. It was right that it happened. He’s just…braver than I am.”

Together they gazed silently outward. John placed his hand on the railing beside hers, and Meg felt herself pass through that interim phase between diffidence and self-assurance. Her insecurities melted away, and for reasons unclear, she was able to stand up straighter.

Her newfound confidence seemed to have captured John’s attention. After a moment, she sensed his eyes on her again. “You look at me a lot,” she said carefully, watching intently as a golden eagle tipped its wings, gliding on an eddying draught of air.

“You’re very pretty,” he replied.

She envied his ability to express such an opinion without embarrassment or regret. Her mouth quivered as she suppressed a smile.

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~ About the Author ~

 Renae Kelleigh is originally from the Midwest but now lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, dog and rabbit. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys hiking and photography.

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