Friday, December 12, 2014

*Protectors of the Terra Key Book One: Bane & Ravyn By DeAnna Felthauser

Bane & Ravyn
Protectors of the Terra Key Book One
By: DeAnna Felthauser

Lightning struck Bane Zeavon on the night of Winter Solstice, resulting in a visit from the Fates. They revealed his destiny, a beautiful woman who fought demon shadowbiters and lurkers with the same intensity his wolf pack did. Without fear, she reveled in the death of her enemies. Knowing she was a bloodsucker didn’t deter his desire. He saw much more in her than just a vampire. Ravyn was special.
Ravyn Octavius, Commander of the League of the Blood, found the Protector assigned by the Fates annoying and distracting, a potentially deadly combination during times of war. Unfortunately, she must accompany the flirty wolf shifter in retrieving the first piece of the Terra Key, the only means of locking the doors to Ramparts and preventing hell from being unleashed on earth.
The journey before them is treacherous and teeming with danger. Will the heat drawing them to one another distract them from their true mission? Or is love the path to saving the world?
Four sisters.
Four Protectors.
One destiny.
Protect the Terra Key.
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