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*Kiss Me There by Abbie St. Claire

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Title: Kiss Me - There (The Kiss Me Series) 
Author: Abbie St. Claire 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Publish Date: August 12, 2014 
Publisher: Southern Ink Press 

~ Book Synopsis ~

A fifth-year surgical resident who only has time for her new career…

A talented heart surgeon who’s just returned from Doctors Without Borders and wants to make time for romance…

A relationship that can’t possibly get off the ground…or can it?

Quinn Ross has only a couple of months left of her residency in Houston before she takes her boards and joins a prestigious heart surgeon in Dallas. When she gets a serious case of pneumonia and becomes a patient herself, she meets Dr. Roman Burke.

Roman found his love in Doctors Without Borders and made a career out of helping those less fortunate, especially small children in places like Haiti. Roman hid his heart under a magnificent tattoo for a very private reason and when Quinn thinks she’s found the reason…she’s misled and very wrong, making a wild move which leaves her feelings and her heart locked away.

Can they find they find their way back to each other?

Excerpt 3

“I know that tone. What did he do?” Angela asked.

I told them the story about the waterfall and the sounds and how he’d shifted to get comfortable on my pillow. When I got to the part about what I’d said and how he didn’t respond, Angela shook her head.

“You put a label on it too quick. Hot boy is gonna run. You just watch.”

There it was. Truth. I broke girl code. Yep, I tried to put a label on it. Not on purpose, mind you, but wishing I could take the words back wasn’t going to rewind time.

Men liked to control what a relationship was or wasn’t. They were the ones who wanted to be the first to call a girl a girlfriend. Girls were supposed to wait on guys. It was clearly okay to just exist, but the minute a girl defined or declared it was a relationship, if the guy wasn’t ready, he would bail. It’d been proven over and over.

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About the Author

I'm a Texan through and through. While I've lived in various parts of the state, Houston is home now, but Dallas is my favorite part of the state and Austin runs a close second. Let's hear it for the HORNS! T he hubs and I enjoy having friends over and our place is kindof a hangout...of sorts. We cook and entertain together. I want my stories to excite the reader. I love it when readers reach out to me. I have several things planned for 2014. Up first will be my series of Hook-Ups with Ace's Key, Booty Call and Consolation Prize. I'm launching a standalone novella series called The KISS ME SERIES. Each novella will be sure to deliver snarky or wild and zainey or erotic twist to romance and perhaps a combo of all of it. First up is KISS ME-MY ASS guaranteed to get the temperature up, if you know what I mean. Releasing June 17th. Followed by KISS ME-T HERE and KISS ME-IN THE RAIN.
There are over 20 books planned in this series.
I am also writing a story for a HOT SUMMER NIGHTS anthology releasing in August. Stay tuned, 2014 is going to be full of love in all the right places . Abbie  

When Asked:
 Ten pieces of advice that you would tell the “teen” you?
Wow, this could fun. Let’s see, I would definitely say:
Don’t wait so long for that first sexual experience (waiting is over-rated), but make him work for it and make it good.
Avoid the salt, save it for when I’m old
Be yourself, don’t try to be the pack (after high school, most of the pack leaves you anyway)
Stay true to what you want and don’t let others change your mind
Go after the one that got away, he was your real love
Adopt a great diet now so it won’t be so hard when you’re old
Everything you do in life comes full circle, remember that.
Treat your parents nice, you may desperately need them one day
Education, education, education
Wherever you go, someone’s watching

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