Tuesday, July 28, 2015

*Everything I Have by Natalie Barnes

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Everything I Have
Everything I Want Series
Natalie Barnes
Release Date: July 28



I fucked up.

This wasn't supposed to happen, not now, not ever! I think? Shit. I don't
know what to think anymore.

These last two years have turned my life upside down. Right when I finally
think I have everything going exactly
how I want it, something always fucking
happens. But this something is not so
easily forgotten. Part of me wishes it
could be, but the other...wants this
more than anything. I have never been
so scared in my entire life as I am
right now.

I feel so alone.

He won't want this. He won't want me.
But what if?
What fucking if? He does...
Tristan, I'd give this part of me for


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Model: Natalie Barnes

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