Friday, October 28, 2016

Haunted Memories by Melanie Atkins

Haunted Memories
by Melanie Atkins
Genre: Ghosts, Haunted Houses, RomanticSuspense

Olivia Bartlett is stunned to find herold friend, Deputy Tucker Hawkins, living in the house she has inherited, but she'seven more shocked to glimpse her cruel stepfather lurking in the shadows. Has Waltercome back to haunt her, or is he really alive and trying to killher? 

Tucker lovesthe old house and won't admit it may actually belong to Olivia, but he allows her tostay under his roof until they can ferret out the truth. Her belief that her stepfather hasreturned makes him second guess his decision, but by then it's too late.

Oddhappenings inside the old house escalate as soon as Olivia moves in, and she turns toTucker for protection. The rugged deputy is happy to oblige. He not only stakes hisclaim to the old house, but also to her heart.