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Dangerous Abduction by Rhonda Brewer

Dangerous Abduction
Rhonda Brewer
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

Widower James O'Connor has been fighting his growing attraction to his brother's sister-in-law for four long years, but when someone breaks into her home, destroying everything she owns, James takes her and her young son into his home. The break-in wasn’t random. Marina and her son are in danger and James swears to protect them, but can he keep them safe? 
Marina Kelly dedicates her life to caring for her sweet little boy, Danny. Since she broke free from her abusive husband, she's sworn off men but when James O'Connor keeps entering her thoughts and her dreams, it takes everything she has to keep her feelings hidden. Now, her sister and parents are out of the province, and she's in danger, Marina has no choice but to accept James’s help and try to hide her attraction and growing feelings.
The attraction between them impossible to resist. Only her ex's family secret may tear it all apart. Can Marina and James unravel the family's hidden mystery without losing each other?

My Review

Dangerous AbductionDangerous Abduction by Rhonda Brewer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
If you are a fan of Romantic Suspense then this series is a must read. Rhonda Brewer completely nailed this one. Laughter, tears, hot alpha men, a story line that has more twist and turns than a roller coaster and the most adorable kids that will completely tear at the heart strings. I loved Dangerous Therapy, but Dangerous Abduction topped it, there aren't enough stars on the chart ;)

Marina's story is different than any other I've read, she and her son go through so much and have been taken into the O'Connor family since her sister Stephanie married John O'Connor (Book One). Marina and John's twin brother James have been fighting an attraction from the beginning, but after being in a abusive marriage she isn't ready to take on another relationship.

Being a Widower and raising his son Mason isn't always easy for James, but he has an amazingly supportive family and a good job as a police officer; Bringing another woman into his life isn't a major priority at this time, but Marina and her son Danny have a way of getting under his skin.

Reading this story was an experience. Every time I thought I knew where it was headed there was another twist and it blew me away. It was so full of emotional moments I have no idea where to begin but this is one I will be recommending to everyone. 

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