Thursday, October 15, 2015

*Binding Cause by L.P. Lindeman

Binding Cause
by L.P. Lindeman
Genre: Erotic Menage

Three tortured souls who need one another for more than just sex. In order to heal from their pasts they first have to tell their stories. Riley a former Navy Seal who would lay down his life for his lover. Trask needs to find room in his heart for Jade. Trask has always known his need for a man and a woman but will he sacrifice his own needs for those of Riley? Will these two men find what they both need to heal in Jade? Jade has never known two men quite like Riley and Trask and yet the pull to be near them is stronger than she has ever known. Just when they find each other Riley's past threatens to end this love affair before it has a chance to begin. Riley, Jade and Trask all need to overcome their own demons to bring down the strongest obstacle that can bring Riley to his knees.

~*~*~*~*~ Fun Facts ~*~*~*~*~
1) I use to live on a boat and grew up between Massachusetts and Florida
2) I have five yes five Kids unless you count the Husband then there is another two LOL
3) Binding Cause is book one in a series or at least four books
4)  I am currently writing Four other books in all different Genre’s
5) I have three dogs that I spoil rotten
6) I have a sick twisted sense of humor
7) I worked on an ambulance for years so nothing if off limits
8) I think I was born without a filter and love the shock and aww factor
9) I was married on Friday the 13th
10) I proposed to my husband because I don’t like surprises do I did it first heheheh
11) I am a huge Red Sox fan
12) I get antsy and need to travel some place other than where I am Love road trips
13) Will not fly no matter what
14) Love fishing and will bait my own hook
15) In every book I write there are some truths of my own life in it
16) Binding Cause spawned off a couple different books
17) I also wrote a Children’s book
18) I am totally addicted to Disney 
19) I love visiting historical places
20) I also do ghost hunting
21) Coffee is my best friend and my computer is not we have a love hate relationship
22) Halloween is my New Year..... Figure it out yet :)
23) Nothing is sexier than a man in uniform totally need a drool cup when I see one :)
24) I lived in the Bahama’s for a while
25) Absolutely despise spiders and bugs will scream my fool head off and take off running

I am a married mother of five. If you count my husband I always say that counts for two more. :)  I work full time as a nurse and have been in the medical field for over twenty years. I have worked on the an ambulance as well and my husband is a firefighter/ Paramedic. So our dinner conversations have always been entertaining. I love to write and have been doing it my whole life. I live in Southern NH but grew up between Massachusetts and Florida. I also lived in the Bahamas for a little while and loved living on a boat. So traveling is second nature and I get antsy if I can’t travel. My three dogs keeps my going and love to play so I spoil them.  I love to hear from my fans and welcome their emails and messages. I am thankful every day for them and we are a team.

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