Saturday, May 9, 2015

Finding Dandi (Hell Yeah! Book 9) by Sable Hunter

~*~*~*~ Finding Dandi (Hell Yeah! Book 9) ~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~  BLURB ~*~*~*~  

The Hell Yeah! Series continues with Finding Dandi (Hell Yeah! Book 9 - Cajun Style)


Lucas thinks he has his life mapped out until fate throws a curvy little dancer

in his lap. Soon he finds that it will take more than success or status to make

him happy - it will take Dandi.



Dandi can't change her past, but she can keep from hurting Lucas. Dandi loves

Lucas so much that she is willing to walk away from him.



Not a day goes by that Lucas does not search for his Angel and when he finds

her, he is willing to work to make her fall in love with him for the second

time . . . and this time will be forever.



*Warning: Contains explicit content, 18+ Audience

~*~*~*~ Excerpt ~*~*~*~

And then he heard it. A very soft, yet unmistakable feminine yawn. Damn! He had a stowaway!

Hope flared in his heart. Could it be? Christ, he had to know. Waiting till there was no one on the road but him, he flipped on one of the overhead lights, turned and took a quick glance over the seat. Hallelujah! Talk about an answer to prayer! Dandi lay right behind him, her head on his back seat. She looked peaceful, warm and entirely snuggable.

Turning back to the road, he couldn’t help but make a fist in the air. “Yes!” Suddenly his heart felt lighter and he couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face. She was safe! She was with him and they both had a second chance. Pushing a strand of hair out of his eyes, he angled the rearview mirror so he could see into the back seat.

All he needed to do now was get them out of town. His cabin on Pine Ridge was isolated. Lucas didn’t think he had been followed, because he had weaved in and out of a dozen side streets and had seen no indication anyone was on his trail.

Now, he wished she would wake up.

Miles clicked by till finally his patience paid off. Achoo! A sweet little sneeze sounded from the rear.

“Bless you,” he responded, matter-of-factly. “Thank you.”


Lucas wished he had a video camera. The sight of her head slowly appearing – rising from behind the seat until he could see two big, beautiful eyes staring at him was priceless.


“Have a good nap?”

“Yes, I can explain. . .” Dandi spoke slowly. “Please do,” Lucas had no intention of giving her a hard time, but he was so happy, he just had to tease her a bit.

“Are you mad?”

“Mad about you, does that count?”

He was kidding, she knew he was. “Can I come up there with you?”

“Sure, I want you close to me. Let me pull over for you.”

“No need.” Before he could say Arkansas Razorbacks, she had shimmied her lithe little body over the seat and plopped down right beside him.

“Fasten your seat belt, Love.”

“Yes, Sir.” She complied sweetly. Her polite little acquiescence made his lust flare.

“Good girl.” Lucas was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road.

“I’m sorry I hitched a ride without asking.” The headlights from approaching vehicles made a pleasing pattern of shadows and lights move across her gorgeous face.

“I’m not.” And that was no lie. “I’m glad. I was worried about you. I’ve been looking for you.”

“You have?” There was wonder in her voice.

“Hell, yes. I’ve been driving the streets searching for you. You were in danger and there was no way in hell I was going to walk away and leave you to face it by yourself.”

“Danger? What kind of danger? Do you mean Romero bringing men to my room?”

Men to her room? Shit. He didn’t want to think about that. “No, that’s not what I meant.” Lucas realized she had no idea what had gone on. “Romero shot a man, and someone saw you sneaking into the bathroom about that same time. They thought you were a witness. Romero’s men, as well as the cops are out hunting for you. And Romero won’t give up easily.”

“Oh, my Lord.” She held a hand to her heart. “I can get myself into a mess without even trying.” Then, it dawned on her what he had said. “All the time I was in the back seat, you were looking for me? Why would you do that?”

Why? Good question. He sought an answer. There was no doubt he was sexually drawn to her. Just sitting near to her had him hard and hungry. “I was worried about you.” Understatement. Light from a passing car illuminated her perfect face. She was waiting for him to say more. “The idea of something happening to you was totally unacceptable.” Even thinking about the possibilities set his teeth on edge.