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*Don't Judge Me by Sylvie Fox A Judgement Novel

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Don't Judge Me by Sylvie Fox A Judgement Novel
Publication Date: September 15, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Multicultural, Romance

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So far, Raphael Augustine’s ten year career as a comedian consists of a lot of ones: one night gigs, one night stands, and one night in jail. But he’s committed to inking a successful TV deal, nonetheless. He’s not looking for a relationship and certainly doesn’t expect to have his briefs tied in a knot by a prim and proper woman from Connecticut.
There’s not much to laugh about in Daisy Fletcher’s life. She never thought an Ivy League degree would land her work as an adult webmaster. Years later, fake chat room dates are her only companions, and a failing business her reward. Her father always told her men only want one thing. By selling that one thing to virtual customers, she’s lost faith in the opposite sex. After Daisy catches Raphael’s shirt during a striptease at a gay bar, she’s tempted. Can a rakish comic change Daisy’s ideas about love and fortune?
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Don’t Judge Me – Excerpts 

“Do not call Rafe.”

“But he’ll need his shirt back.”

“You’re attracted to him.” How could she tell? I’d had two boyfriends and maybe three dates in the years we’d known each other. Not enough men for her to type me.

“He’s gay. So I’ll drop off the shirt, and that’ll be it. I swear.”

“Drop off?” Nari started fishing in my bag. Her muffled voice came up from under the table. “Have you heard of the U.S. Mail?”

“What are you doing in my purse?” I asked, poking my head under the table. We came back up when the server brought our food to the table.

“I want to see if this is even worth it.” She pulled the seriously crumpled shirt out, shook it, and peered at the label in the dark. “Damn,” she muttered. Nari picked up her phone off the table, hit a button, and used the light from the screen to read the label. This time her ‘damn’ was a drawn out, three syllable affair. “It’s a Just Cavalli. Three hundred dollars easy at Neiman Marcus. He’s gonna want this back.”

“Just what? Why do you know that?”

“You know J. Crew. I know Rodeo Drive.”

“Isn’t Neiman on Wilshire and Roxbury?” I knew enough to know Neiman’s hulking department store girth was not on Rodeo Drive.

“You get my point. Call him. Get his address. Mail the shirt. Lose his number.”

“Why do you feel so strongly about this?”

“Because my gaydar is gyrating like there’s a lightning storm.”

“And you think I’m that hard up?”

“No, I think he’s got your catnip triumvirate. He’s cute, he’s Korean, and he’s unobtainable.”

About Sylvie Fox


Sylvie Fox writes spicy contemporary romance featuring quirky characters, and emotionally driven women’s fiction about ordinary women facing extraordinary challenges.
She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, son, and a menagerie of pet rescues. In spite of her decade in Hollywood, she’s never been on television or in a movie, but avoids the paparazzi like the plague. When she is not in LA, Sylvie is eating her way through Budapest.
Sylvie loves to connect with readers at She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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